Freelancing is Freedom. We are the lucky ones who get to wake up every morning and go to work — on the Internet. Now the Internet was supposed to make freelancing a lot better. Except it didn’t. All we got was instant communication. Work-life certainly didn’t get any easier.

And let’s be honest — Upwork & Fiverr screwed up. They became places where a race to the bottom keeps confused clients chasing amateurs who in turn attract more unrealistic budgets. Well, we have bad news — services aren’t products and price isn’t everything.

The Internet could have done so much — from helping clients find us to making getting paid safer, faster and easier. Freelancing is already hard enough. The instability of work, tight deadlines and erratic clients make it hard like any other business.

And so we asked ourselves —
What would freelancing look like if it truly tapped into the power of the Internet?

We reinvented things from the ground up and rethought what it meant to freelance in the age of the Internet. The result is a system that works for both the freelancer and the client.

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